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Teleportation: Fiction’s Warning

Of all the ideas that science fiction brings us, from cloning to warp drive, there’s one particular scientific venue which I think merits attention. Because not all fiction tends to explore one of the real dangers of it.
Sure there’s some fiction like The Fly films, which speak of all what happens when the atoms of one being are mixed in with the atoms of another being, but there’s another danger and teleportation fiction which they don’t ever really present. It’s especially never explored in Star Trek where its a regular thing.
Basically, a person has disintegrated, and for a fraction of a second they longer exist. Then on the receiving end, atoms randomly scattered throughout space are then reconstituted and integrated again into the shape of the person. But is this actually the same person? No it isn’t, it’s a copy of one that was actually destroyed a few seconds ago. And this is actually especially true if you happen to believe in the philosophy of “body theory” ( i.e. there is no soul, your consciousness is your body). The only real story where the dangers are explored is the book and film the Prestige. But there’s another underlying factor in this, imagine if you actually went through one of those machines. You have all the memories and experiences of the original person yet the back of your head you might know that you are not in fact that real person. It brings in a whole new idea or dimension about personal identity.

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Joe’s Random Movie Trivia: “The Prestige” (2006)

Initially, director Christopher Nolan wanted someone famous, but not a film star to play the inventor Nikola Tesla. Having to do with the idea of Tesla as an important, but minor character in the movie. David Bowie accepted the part after Nolan pitched the part to him saying “no one else could possibly play the part.”


Joe’s Random Movie Trivia: “The Prestige”

The actor who plays Mr. Fallon goes uncredited.