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Joe’s Random Movie Review:  5 Things “Justice League” got right.

So far the films released by the DC cinematic universe are either a hit or miss. Fans either love them or they hate them. Probably the most poignant example so far of the series with an outcome like this was the film “Suicide Squad”. In spite of having the lowest box office income of any of the DC film so far, Justice league has a similar result as far as the fans are concerned. Bear in mind that this is still just an introduction story and so not all things the fans would like to see what happen within this film . In spite of how people felt about it, I personally feel that this film get some things right.



1. Character Arcs 

 One thing that Justice league did excellently, were the character arcs presented for the film’s particular storyline. It actually makes enough room in the storytelling for each character to have a short enough development to not make them or the film too dull. From Superman’s resurrection, Batman learning how to work with the team, Wonder Woman make yourself known to the world, Cyborg rediscovering his humanity, the Flash learn to interact with others, and Aquaman becoming less stubborn. Writing like this in the story with multiple heroes is not easy, but this film actually did it pretty well.

2. Further introductions to.the DC Universe.

Justice League, being an introduction story, further expands the DC Universe, bringing more familiar characters. Besides Jeremy Irons’ return as Alfred Pennyworth, and Diane Lane as Martha Kent, another familiar face from the Batman mythology is J.K. Simmons’ first appearance as Commissioner Gordon as well as Joe Manganiello making a cameo appearance as Deathstroke.

3. The film’s length.

At just short of 2 hours long, Justice League is the shortest film in the DC Cinematic Universe so far. This creates a swiftness in plot that allows for both the characters and for the action to be entertaining, without being too overbearing. In short, in keeps the film from being boring.

4. No more Aquaman jokes.

Jason Momoa’s first official appearance as Aquaman has given the comic character a much needed revitalization. For years, Aquaman has been the butt of many comic jokes, but it’s not the case anymore. Great introduction to the character, and a good performance from Momoa. This leading into the Aquaman solo film coming soon.

5. Steppenwolf

 In choosing to have a not so well-known comic book villain as the primary villain for this movie. It actually aids in the further character development of this films multiple protagonists. What are the flaws of superhero films in the past is that if they have a villain who is very popular it can overshadow the hero, or even become more popular to a point . Much like Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker in the infamous 2008 film “The Dark Knight.” One of the advantages of Steppenwolf as the main villain, is that we’re not interested in his backstory. We’re not interested in his character development, we’re only interested in his motivations and how he goes about them. This allows for a much easier flow of the storytelling.

Joe’s Random Movie Review: “Superman Returns” (2006)


The era of superhero movies was basically a hot or miss situation throughout the early to mid 2000’s. Movies that the general public would rather just forget about, or try to forget but can’t no matter how hard they try because social media has devoted a meme to its mockery. Movies like Ang Lee’s “Hulk”(2003), and the Daredevil film with Ben Affleck. It’s rather obvious that most of these movies were made to get in on the action left over from Bryan Singer’s first X-Men film in 2000. While Marvel had a head start in the cinematic world, DC was a late bloomer.

After the success of Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins” Warner Bros. decided to rediscover the Man of Steel. Director Bryan Singer took a break from the X-Men movies to direct it. While director Brett Ratner went on to direct “X-Men: The Last Stand”.


In the film, Superman had been missing for years. He has traveled to the cosmic ruins of his former home planet, Krypton. Presumably, because he has grown lonely being the only known living Kryptonian alive. Upon his return, he is greeted by the public with open arms. Except Lois Lane, who is now engaged, has a son, and had won a Pulitzer prize winning story entitled, “Why the world doesn’t need Superman.” Meanwhile, Lex Luthor had broken into the Fortress of Solitude and stolen Kryptonian crystals for the purpose of creating a supercontinent that threatens the world with massive tsunamis.


Brandon Routh does an excellent job as Superman. In the emotional scenes at least, however the few action scenes he does lack a certain something. Superman first and foremost is depressed throughout a good portion of the film, as such, we doo not see him in the usual light as we do throughout other film’s of the DC universe. Kevin Spacey does a hands down, great performance as Lex Luthor, with a touch of humor much in light of Gene Hackman’s performance in the 1978 movie.


So what went wrong with this film? Why, even though it’s moderately scored by critics, is it shunned for the most part by the fans? For one thing, this is an action film with little action. It’s a film that focuses way too much on the romance between Superman and Lois Lane. While the emotional parts are indeed necessary, there was an unnecessary amount of time spent on it, and very little of the classic good vs evil setting fans of superhero films are used to seeing.


Another factor to keep in mind was that this movie is presumably set with the original film’s “Donner universe”. Named for the original’s director Richard Donner. Chronologically, this film takes place between the evens of Superman 2 and Superman 3. In doing so, the filmmakers did something they aught not to have done. It was too much of a nod to the original film’s, and wasn’t really “it’s own thing” like the new DC films Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice were. By making the movie set in that particular universe, it limited the number of audience members who could relate to it. It limited the number of new fans to the Superman mythos. While this is pure speculation, it seems like a reasonable assumption.


All in all, as far as superhero films go. It was good, but not great.

Final Score:  4.5/10

Directed by Bryan Singer


Brandon Routh……….Superman/Clark Kent
Kate Bosworth…………Lois Lane
Kevin Spacey………….Lex Luthor
James Marsden………Richard White
Sam Huntington………..Jimmy Olsen
Parker Posey…………..Kim Kowalski
Marlon Brandon……….Jor-El
Frank Langella………….Perry White