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Joe’s Random Movie Review: “Get Out” (2017)

It’s very easy to see , how horror movies are undoubtedly changing in this day and age. Horror movies are becoming deeper, more psychological. And have very strong social messages to deliver to the audience. We’ve seen this in films like “The Babadook” and “The Witch”. It seems almost like the very genre of the horror film is changing into an entirely new animal. And this film from comedian, Jordan Peele, is no different. This is a horror film for the ages.

In the film, a black photographer named Chris is going with his white girlfriend to meet her family. Even with the reassurance that they’re Liberal and have no qualms about their relationship, but something suspicious is definitely going on.

 Horror, much like how one would use metaphor and satire, can be used to tell the truth in such a way that actually telling the truth could never do. It actually forces the audience to confront the issues that they seem uncomfortable with dealing. It seems plainly obvious, but the more conservative the situation or more conservative society becomes, the more extreme horror movies tend to become. In that case, “Get Out” is a film that definitely has a place in today’s world.

 The film definitely has a Stepford Wives-like vibe about it. Almost like the entire film is plotted around the idea of a twist ending. Meaning that use an audience member discover more and more about the film the more you watch it. More clues become known to you . And even more clues make themselves known to you the more you watch this film. This is a product of good writing and there are only a few horror movies that have actually successfully done this. A good example would be Roman Polanski’s 1968 film “Rosemary’s Baby”.

 Another point worth mentioning is its approach toward racism. Stereotypically racism against African-Americans would be shown as coming from white conservatives. But the genius of this film and it’s writing is a doesn’t target white conservatives. It actually targets white liberals. And it really extends to the idea that racism and objectification actually comes in many forms. And it also helps to clarify that it stems from the inability to understand one another. By presenting these issues in a horror movie, the filmmakers are actually able to get you to confront the issues of today through the symbolism of what appears on the outside to be a scary movie. 

Great acting, and excellent writing. This is a film that will scare everyone, and is definitely a film for the ages.

Final Score: 9.5/10