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Joe’s Random Movie Review: “Aquaman” (2018)

With the plethora of superhero films coming to theaters in 2019, it seems rather fitting that the conclusion of 2018 should come at an epic scale. With the release of DC’s “Aquaman” not only has this been a major improvement on the layout of the DC film universe, but it also has a great deal of action, grandeur, and a good example of storytelling that other superhero films might to able to improve themselves upon.

Jason Momoa and Amber Heard in Aquaman (2018)

Up until the release of this film, the DC film universe was basically a hit or miss type situation. This is especially the case with films like “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”, and “Suicide Squad.” People either really like these movies or they really hated them. But one thing at the DC cinematic universe has actually shown is that the next film tends to make the previous film just a little bit better.

In the case of their version of “Justice League” it out of a certain lightheartedness that the cinematic universe DC was strongly lacking. Initially, the Aquaman film is a little bit more lighter in story than say other introductory movies like “Man of Steel”. The character of Arthur Curry is a very complicated and yet extremely simple protagonist. One of the oldest forms of storytelling to date: a man fighting his destiny. Well this type of story may be one of the most recognizable, it is also quite possibly the most easily understandable. And then having such a sympathetic character the audience is more easily able to relate to him. This is not a person burdened by the glorious purpose of being a god among men like Superman, or someone with borderline sociopathic tendencies like Batman. For the most part Aquaman is simply a man doing what he believes is right. The exploration of such a character in the DC cinematic universe alone helps garner a better audience response that some of the previous films.

Besides the great acting and story line of this film, another thing that date that deeply deserves praise is the use of visual effects. In presenting the underworld the underwater world of Atlantis, there is great beauty mix both in comic book images as well as typical undersea landscaping. The world present an Aquaman is an elegant and yet chaotic world.

Djimon Hounsou, Natalia Safran, and Sophia Forrest in Aquaman (2018)

One thing that audience is me find a little bit intimidating about the movie, is the length of time. It seems like they tried to cram a lot of the mythology in as much as short a time as possible which unless the story is written correctly, can get tedious very fast and resulting in a poor film. But for what it was worth the writers and filmmakers did an excellent job in that including very subtle comic book references that only true fans of Aquaman will notice.

Aquaman (2018)

Overall, this is a terrific that fully delivers.

This film is the reason there will be no more bad jokes about Aquaman.


Joe’s Random Movie Review: “Drive Angry” (2011)


Milton (Nicholas Cage) is an undead escapee from Hell seeking to rescue his infant granddaughter from Satanist Jonah King (Billy Burke) and his gang of cultists from sacrificing her to bring Hell to Earth. Along the way, he meets Piper (Amber Heard) who through a set of circumstances, reluctantly agrees to help him.

Meanwhile…..Hell has sent the diabolical “Accountant” (William Fichtner) to reclaim Milton and deliver him back to the devil.


Drive Angry is a 2011 Horror/Action film from the director of My Bloody Valentine and the Dracula 2000 Trilogy. Although Horror may be taking it a bit strongly, it certainly has clear supernatural elements in the storyline. It is first and foremost an action packed road movie that that has the feeling of one of those grindhouse 70’s films. While it certainly isn’t the kind of movie likely to draw all movie buffs, it does have a fairly good storyline, and a good blend of character development, and adrenalin- fueled excitement.


The performances in this movie are terrific to say the least. Cage as an action hero just works perfectly as the stereotypical action hero mostly is humorless and dead serious on getting the mission taken care of. Milton is a character who’s insight into the wrongs of his past life continue to haunt him long after his death, and much like in the shirt off the film classic The Crow, Milton is a good embodiment of Chaotic Antihero vs. Evil.


Amber Heard is far from being called a damsel in distress. In this chaotic world of cultists, killers, and car chases her portrayal of Piper is one of a strong independent woman who can clearly handle herself in this destructive situation. One could argue that in the case of Amber Heard in the role of Piper, it couldn’t be called anything short of perfect casting.


The villains of the film are also great in there portrayals. Billy Burke, fresh off of the Twilight Saga, playing the charismatic bad guy who dosent really care who stands in his way.  He’s like a cross between a Charles Bronson villain and Jim Jones. Someone who let’s their own beliefs cloud their judgement and makes them to overconfident.


Fichtner as the Accountant is really where this movie has personality. He, like Milton, has a job to do and won’t let any of the distractions of the Earth keep him from accomplishing his mission. Like an infant, it’s almost like his character is discovering new things in the world around him all the time. It’s truly difficult to hate the Accountant in that in the end, he’s one of the more likable characters in the entire movie. Arguably, one of Fichtner’s greatest performances.


While the obvious 3D effects tend to distract and create a distance between the audience and the story, and is a bit bloodier than one would expect, it is still just a very good action film that reminds us that going to the movies should be a fun experience.

Score: 5/10

Rated: R

Directed by Patrick Lussier
Written by Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier


Nicolas CageMilton

Amber HeardPiper

William FichtnerThe Accountant

Billy BurkeJonah King

David MorseWebster

Todd FarmerFrank