Hello, my name is Joseph. I’m a collector of books, movies, stuff like that. So I guess it’s fair to call me a nerd. I have an associate’s in communication. And while it is a voluntary position, I have currently been a host for a radio show about movies for the past ten years. It’s been great sending those years just discussing film, from performances, to plus and storylines, I and my co-host(s) do our best to actually cover the “why”. Meaning, why is it good? Why is it bad? Just like people, each movie seen is unique whether it be in style, our story, etc. In a typical show, we’d discuss that week’s theatrical releases, celebrity birthdays, DVD releases, and celebrity news. Following that, would be the subject of the week. While sometimes it would be a general topic like Sequels, or Remakes, just about all the time the subject is a specific movie. While my critiquing may not agree with anybody else’s opinions on the movies I review I encourage those who do not agree with me to not keep it to themselves. Debate is a core belief I have in criticizing movies, and as such I encourage everyone out there to speak their opinions.

With the advice of someone very dear to my heart, I am staying a blog of reviews called: “Joe’s Random Movie Review”. I will also be sharing from my Facebook page “Joe’s Random Movie Trivia” which are short little tidbits of movie knowledge. I wish to expand my critiquing and knowledge of the cinema to the best of my capabilities, and I hope that those who read this blog have the same appreciation or are staying to appreciate the same poison for movies as I do. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading my posts.

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"The test of a work of art is, in the end, our affection for it, not our ability to explain why it is good." -Stanley Kubrick

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