Joe’s Random Movie Trivia: “Mutiny on the Bounty” (1962)

Richard Harris and Marlon Brando did not get along at all during the filming. When it came time to film Brando’s death scene, the two actors refused to work with each other. So Harris filmed his close ups first with a log in place of Brando. When it came time to film Brando’s close ups. Harris took the log, placed it where he was and said, “Let him talk to this.”

On recent news……

So, As result of the Kevin Spacey accusations. The actor has been cut from the recently completed movie “All the Money in the World” . The film was directed by Ridley Scott and details with the kidnapping involving J Paul Getty’s grandson . The film was completed just in time before the accusations against Kevin Spacey had made themselves public. In recent news regarding this new film at first, was that the film should be shelved. But obviously because Sony pictures wishes to compete in the Academy Awards next year , it seems like they want to go ahead with the original December release only this time replacing Kevin Spacey with actor Christopher Plummer.
 Considering the kind of man the J. Paul Getty was in real life,  Christopher Plummer seems like he would be a much more logical choice. For we know he could actually end up acting the part way better than Kevin Spacey. But the truth is in that cutting Kevin Spacey from that role it may very well make his part in the film a little bit more infamous. 

It could be years from now, but there will be an entire generation of film buffs trying to seek this movie out looking for the version where Kevin Spacey was actually in the movie . Actually cutting him out of the movie may help his credibility.

Anyway, things are the way they are, we can wish Ridley Scott good luck on his endeavor to meet the December deadline. In spite of the situation with Spacey, we may still get a good movie.

Joe’s Random Movie Trivia: “Dracula” (1979)

Van Helsing in this film is played by veteran actor Sir Lawrence Oliver. At the time, he was suffering from a disease that made him bleed at the slightest scratch (ironic, given the subject matter). He was so ill that many of the cast and crew were worried if whether or not he was even going to make it for the rest of the filming.

Miraculously, he lived another 10 years after filming Dracula.