Joe’s Random Movie Trivia: “Legend” (1985)

The film was originally aimed for adults, and after multiple test screenings, the studio decided to make the film appeal more to the kids. Besides cutting a bunch of scenes, for the American release, they also got rid of Jerry Goldsmith’s original musical score and replaced it with a score by Tangerine Dream. Goldsmith’s score remained in the International release.
Tom Cruise was reportedly very upset about this, and refused to talk about the film for years. Both Cruise, and Roger Ebert preferred the Director’s Cut to the original version.

 In 2002, the Director’s Cut of the film was released. Many of the cut scenes were reinstated as well as the Goldsmith score. 
On a more personal note. The Director’s Cut is the movie, Legend. It’s a flat out better movie.

The American Cut is not a movie, more like 2/3 of a movie.

Joe’s Random Movie Trivia: “The Lord of the Rings” Trilogy (2001,2002, 2003)

The character of Aragorn is actually one of the Dúnedain. A race of humans from the island of Númenor (which sunk in the second age of Middle-Earth). The Dúnedain were a race of humans blessed with a longer lifespan than an average human. Even though he appears as a man in his prime, by the events of the story, he is actually about 87 years old.

Joe’s Random Movie Trivia: “The Dark Knight” (2008)

The hidden truth about the Joker. (SPOILERS!)
The Joker throughout the film presents himself as an “agent of chaos” with no real plan. But if you watch the film presumably with his point of view. The strategy becomes a little clearer.

Through his terrorist acts, and his frequent manipulations of the mob. His acts of chaos were strategically planned out.

  • The way he holds the gun with Dent, the gun wouldn’t have fired. Even if Dent would’ve pulled the trigger, the Joker would’ve been safe.
  • Took advantage of the mob when Batman brought Lao back from China.
  • When the citizens of Gotham refuse to detonate the bomb on the ferry carrying the prisoners of Gotham, and the prisoners refuse to kill the citizens, the Joker conveniently has his own detonator to finish the job. He was planning to kill them all anyway.
  • Crushing the spirit of Gotham by showing them the darker side of Harvey Dent with his transformation into Two-Face.

    His plan was for chaos to consume Gotham just so he could usurp control over the criminals and the citizens. He had a plan, and it was power.

    You see, many people admire the Joker because he gave the appearance of someone who just didn’t care. Admiration because he’s a quote unquote “better class of criminal”.  From Alfred’s line, “Some men just want to watch the world burn”. But the truth is that Batman was a lot closer to the truth earlier in that scene when he says, “criminals aren’t that heard to figure out, we just have to find out what he’s after.”

    The truth is that the Joker isn’t the agent of chaos he presents to be. He’s not a better class of criminal. He’s not special. He is in the end, just another bad guy. Corrupt, greedy, and rotten to the core.

    Joe’s Random Movie Trivia: “Hellraiser” (1987)

    The symbols on the top of the puzzle box are not random. In the film Kirsty, played by Ashley Lawrence, opens the box and is chased down the hallway by a demon known only as “The Engineer”. If you look closely at the top of the puzzle box when it’s mixed up, you’ll see four engineers on the box.