Joe’s Random Movie Trivia: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

The origin of Captain Jack Sparrow.


Jack Sparrow was once an employee of the East India Trading Company, delivering cargo throughout the Caribbean for Lord Cutler Beckett. The company gave him a ship called, the “Wicked Wench.” One day, after recieving instructions from Beckett to not examine the cargo, Jack looked anyway and discovered he was delivering slaves to a colonial plantation. Instead he sailed to Africa and set them free. Upon returning to the Caribbean, Lord Beckett branded Jack Sparrow a pirate.


Eventually, the Trading Company caught up with him and burned and sank the Wicked Wench. Around this time, Davy Jones appeared to collect Jack’s soul As he was about to die at sea, Sparrow made a deal with Jones. That if he raised the Wicked Wench from the ocean floor and allowed Jack to be its captain for 13 years that he would serve as a member of Jones’ crew for 100 years.


Jones agreed and raised the ship. But as a result of the fire that sank the ship, the hull turned into a burned black. Sparrow renamed the ship, the Black Pearl.


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